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Proditus is a company specialized in providing services in the field of the electrical engineering. Basic postulates of the company are knowledge, following world trends in provision of engineering services, professionalism and selecting projects to which we can pay full attention.


By integrating our own knowledge and modern technologies, we provide customers with reliable and functional engineering solutions for the improvement of energy systems, power generation management systems, and the realization

development goals by commercializing their innovations.

With multidisciplinary approach, investment in knowledge, development of value-added products and services and continuous improvement of operational

excellence, company creates stimulating environment for employees and delivers top solutions to customers for long-term sustainable electrical systems.

Solarna elektrana Benkovac


Promoting the application of modern technologies in electrical engineering and building the reputation of a creative provider ofengineering services as well as manufacturers of innovative products in the field of electrical engineering in the national and European market.

Stjepan Milardović


  • Graduated from the "Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture" in Split and earned a master's degree in electrical engineering.

  • At the "Technical University of Cologne" (Germany) he  worked on a diploma thesis in the field of power electronics.

  • Gained first business experience as an engineer in the company "Tromont d.o.o."​

  • Founded an independent business to provide services on the market.

  • Passed the exam and obtained a certificate for design, construction and commissioning of the KNX automation system.

  • 2018. founded company "Proditus d.o.o." to provide services in electrical engineering and to perform works in electrical engineering.

  • Passed the professional exam of the Republic of Croatia for performing spatial planning and construction work.

  • Became a member of Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

  • Became a lecturer at "Faculty of civil engineering, architecture and geodesy" in Split.

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